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The Leadership Equation: Impact + Influence + Inspiration = True Leadership


What’s Impact + Influence + Inspiration?

No, the answer is not 42, you Douglas Adams fans out there (and if you didn’t get that joke, trust me, it’s not as nerdy as it sounds).

The real answer is something much more profound.

It’s something that can alter the course of history, change societies, or merely transform your run-of-the-mill office day. It’s Leadership.

Is Leadership Just A Fancy Title?

We’ve all been there, right? The lofty corner office, the oversized mahogany desk, the extra plush office chair that’s just a little too high off the ground. A title on a business card that’s usually longer than the entire first sentence of War and Peace.

Is that leadership? Not even close.

But hey, let’s play a game. Can you name five world-renowned leaders off the top of your head? Got ’em? Good.

Now, let’s take away their titles. Guess what, my friend? You still recognize them, don’t you? Why is that?

You’ve guessed it – it’s because of their Impact, Influence, and Inspiration.

It’s Not About Being The Boss; It’s About Making An Impact

Imagine being that person who can turn a bad day into a great one, or convert a failing project into a runaway success. Impact is when you make a difference, a significant one, not just to an individual but to an entire team, organization, or sometimes, even the world.

Does that mean you have to discover a cure for the common cold? Well, that would be nice, but no. Even small changes, consistently implemented, can have profound impacts.

Ever heard the saying, “actions speak louder than words”? Yeah, it’s cliche, but cliches exist for a reason.

Leaders aren’t the ones merely talking about change. They’re the ones rolling up their sleeves, getting their hands dirty, and making that change happen. Now, isn’t that a much better yardstick for leadership than who has the most Instagrammable office?

The Power Of Influence: More Potent Than A Double Espresso?

Ever found yourself inexplicably swayed by someone’s words or actions? That’s influence, my friend, and it’s a powerful tool. Leaders don’t just order people around, expecting them to jump because of their ‘authority’. No, leaders use influence to motivate, to encourage, to drive people to achieve more than they thought possible.

You know that one person who, even when they’re not your boss, you just can’t help but listen to and respect? That’s a person with influence. No title, no fancy designation, but boy, do they have your attention.

Inspiration: A Leader’s Secret Weapon

Last but not least, inspiration. This is the real magic of leadership. Inspiration is that ethereal quality that makes you want to follow someone to the ends of the earth. Or at least, till the ends of that mind-numbingly long budget spreadsheet.

An inspiring leader doesn’t just do things right. They do the right things. They don’t just show the way. They walk the way, often leaving a trail of inspired individuals in their wake.

Remember, the best leaders aren’t just those who have followers. They’re those who create more leaders. Leadership isn’t about creating a cult of personality. It’s about creating an environment where everyone feels empowered, engaged, and ready to take on the world.

Time for a Leadership Rethink?

So, let’s take a moment to ponder. Are we still fixated on that corner office and that fancy title? Or are we ready to roll up our sleeves and make a real difference? Are we ready to influence, inspire, and leave an indelible impact?

Because that’s what real leadership is about. It’s a relentless journey, not a cushy destination. It’s a commitment, not a title. It’s about making a difference, not just making decisions.

So next time someone asks you about leadership, tell them it’s not about the title or designation. It’s about Impact + Influence + Inspiration.

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