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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for products & services by ParadigmPeople Ltd (trading as XploreAgile).




Canceling or rescheduling your participation

You may cancel your participation for up to 21 days before the course starts. We will refund the invoiced amount. We reserve the right to deduct any fees incurred from any refund provided at your request. This may include but is not limited to credit card, bank transfer, or currency conversion fees. If you cancel within 21 days, the following rules apply:
A request to cancel must be made to us in written form. A cancellation becomes effective only after you receive our explicit and unambiguous confirmation;

You may ask us to reschedule your participation to a future date on which we offer the same course (publicly). We reserve the right to decline such requests or offer alternative options based on availability, location, pricing, and attendance of the preferred future course. Rescheduling is free of charge if your request is received 21 days before the course starts. If your request is received and accepted within 21 days, additional fees apply:
Your request to reschedule must be made to us in written form. Your participation will be rescheduled after you receive our written and unambiguous confirmation of your request;
If your participation is rescheduled to a course offered for a higher price, we will invoice you for the difference. We will not compensate you for any costs you made, either directly or indirectly, resulting from your request to reschedule a course;
Failure to show up for a class or leaving the class part way through will result in forfeiture of all the payment. You will not receive training materials or assessment invites/certification.

Cancellation or rescheduling a course

We are not required to uphold any commitments that we have made to you as part of the agreement in the case of a force majeure situation;



Liability and Indemnity

Intellectual Property


Applicable Law

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic



Digital Products

Return, refund, and cancellation policy

Digital products cannot be resold or transferred. If this is found to have happened, your access will be revoked.
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