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Kanban Management Professional KSD & KSI BUNDLE

This 4-day intensive course split over 2 or 4 weekend dates will equip you with the skills to fulfil the KSD and KSI practices In the Kanban System Design portion, you will learn the core practices and principles of Kanban and participate in a simulation to experience flow, pull systems, and work-in-progress limits. Additionally, you will receive guidance on using STATIK (Systems Thinking Approach to Introducing Kanban) to design your Kanban system. You will also learn to create a visual board design and ticket design. The Kanban System Integration portion focuses on advanced practices and cadences, with a particular emphasis on upstream design. You will learn how to engage stakeholders from different organisational levels and departments in idea generation and make decisions to invest, shelve, or discard ideas. By properly managing and shaping demand, you can sustainably achieve higher levels of both internal and external customer satisfaction.

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