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Team Kanban Practitioner

In this one-day course, you will discover the Six General Practices of the Kanban Method for effective workflow management: • Visualise your work and its flow for a better understanding • Limit Work in Progress (WIP) and prioritise finishing tasks for maximum productivity • Identify and Manage obstacles to manage flow effectively • Explicitly establish policies that are agreed upon by everyone involved • Collaboratively improve and evolve experimentally using the scientific method All participants will receive a certificate of completion as well as the Kanban University’s Team Kanban Practitioner (TKP) credential

£ 799.00

Kanban Systems Design

This 2-Day Kanban System Design (KSD) course provides the foundational background of The Kanban Method and then guides you through the process of understanding their systems so they can design an appropriate Kanban system to meet their needs. By understanding the core concepts of The Kanban Method, you will be able to design a Kanban system to improve visibility, communication, and collaboration within your team. You will focus on acquiring the following competencies • Understand the basics, motivation, and benefits of The Kanban Method. • Experience flow in a simulation of a Kanban system. • Learn how to run the Kanban meetings to focus on the work and allow the team to organize around it. • Build and design a Kanban system using the STATIK approach. • Become faster and more responsive, with better risk management and governance. • Understand "Pull" systems and how they help reduce overburdening. • Learn how to utilize key metrics such as Lead Time, Run Charts, and Cumulative Flow Diagrams to make continuous improvements. • Managing Evolutionary Change • Dealing with Resistance to Change • Feedback Loops and Continuous Learning • Implementing and Scaling out Kanban • Balancing Demand and Capability • Optimizing Flow and Predictability All participants will receive a certificate of completion as well as the Kanban University's Kanban System Design (KSD) credential

£ 900.00

Kanban Systems Improvements

In the Kanban System Design course, you have successfully learned the basics of Kanban and how to design a single system. The next step is this 2-Day Kanban System Improvement (KSI) course which will equip you with e skills to scale out to multiple connected systems. In the Kanban System Improvements course, you will learn how to manage and optimise these systems using metrics and evolutionary change.

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Kanban Management Professional KSD & KSI BUNDLE

This 4-day intensive course split over 2 or 4 weekend dates will equip you with the skills to fulfil the KSD and KSI practices In the Kanban System Design portion, you will learn the core practices and principles of Kanban and participate in a simulation to experience flow, pull systems, and work-in-progress limits. Additionally, you will receive guidance on using STATIK (Systems Thinking Approach to Introducing Kanban) to design your Kanban system. You will also learn to create a visual board design and ticket design. The Kanban System Integration portion focuses on advanced practices and cadences, with a particular emphasis on upstream design. You will learn how to engage stakeholders from different organisational levels and departments in idea generation and make decisions to invest, shelve, or discard ideas. By properly managing and shaping demand, you can sustainably achieve higher levels of both internal and external customer satisfaction.

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