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Agile is a Journeyman
not the destination

The focus of agile is not just to create high-quality products and software. Agile makes the software development process significantly faster, easier, and more efficient than traditional methods. As leading agile consultants, we ensure you’re headed on the right track – mastering the journey of implementing agile frameworks instead of rushing to create the finished product.

Building Effective
Ideas Together

Collaboration is one of our key values, and we believe that the best ideas and strategies come out when our consultants and your organization work hand-in-hand. Our expertise in agile frameworks, combined with your development team’s innovativeness and creativity, is bound to produce excellent results.


Mission and Values



To be the premiere UK consulting boutique, stimulating Business Culture, Insights & Alignments to the art of the possible.



To reintroduce Agility, DevOps, Flow & Lean as Business partners in answering the questions of Why, What and If.


  • Actioning Feedback
  • Empowering people
  • Build in Physiological safety
  • Shift-left everything
  • Listening more

How adopting Agility can help you?

Agile development makes projects incredibly efficient. It breaks down the entire project into smaller iterations, improves coordination between all the teams involved, and allows you to improve your product after each iteration continuously. That means you have plenty of room for improvement after every round and the freedom to change or modify things midway through the project if required.

Why Choose Our Agile Consulting Services?

Our holistic approach toward agile sets us apart as one of the leading agile consultants. We do not believe in spoon-feeding solutions and instructions. Instead, our goal is to collaborate closely with your teams and pass our expertise on to them. And by doing so, we’re supporting them to master the agile frameworks and implement them not just on a singular project but on many more projects in the future.

How to Take Agile on your journey and not vice-versa

Harness the power of agile for faster, better software development. Whether you’re a complete novice or somewhat familiar with agile frameworks, we’ll bring you up to speed from the basics to the higher technicalities of agile methodology. Our role as an agile consultancy is to help you learn and implement agile like a pro!

About Our Courses

Our courses cover everything from the founding principles of agile to its various frameworks. The content is designed to begin with the basics and add advanced concepts step-by-step. You’ll also become familiar with the two main agile frameworks – Scrum and Kanban- and various tools, techniques, and problem-solving approaches used in agile.

Agile Glossary

Overwhelmed by a plethora of technical terms and jargons related to agile development? The experts at XploreAgile have put together a comprehensive agile glossary for your reference, where you’ll find succinct and to-the-point explanations of all the complicated terminologies used in agile.

Open Test Assessment

Evaluate your agile skills and expertise with our specially designed Open Test Assessment. Find out how well you have learned the concepts and implementations of agile development, identify areas that you still need to improve upon and get accurate feedback and analysis of your agile mastery level.



Sushant Sharma
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Sushant Sharma

Over the last three months, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with David and test his Situational courses. It has been an exceptional experience with numerous practical lessons and enjoyable discussions. I strongly endorse his training techniques and the courses he provides.

Sushant Sharma

Sushant Sharma

Senior Manager

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